28 September 2014

September Playlist

I've really been loving a couple of albums this month, and they are: Angus and Julia Stone's self-titled album and Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence. These albums are amazing, so check them out. Thanks to Lena's suggestion, I have completely fallen head over heels for this Angus and Julia Stone album, it's so easy listening and beautiful. Lana Del Rey's voice just has something about it, it sounds a little bit old school but with something modern. I've recently got into this album, and my favourites, along with Angus and Julia Stone's are listed in the playlist below. (However, all the songs are amazing so just listen to the whole thing). There are also some odd songs thrown into the mix which I've had on repeat. I have to make a special mention to Heart Like Yours which features in the If I Stay movie soundtrack. I haven't actually seen the movie yet, though I plan to, this song is so so addictive.

Hope you enjoy listening and reading this little monthly music post, this will probably be the last post you will see from me before I jetset off to Australia (ooh fancy). I won't be blogging while I'm there but I'm sure I'll have a lot to share when I get back. xx

26 September 2014

Mini Holiday Haul

I'm off to Australia on Wednesday, somewhere a little while out of Sydney for 10 days. I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a little bit of well deserved shopping (I had some exciting news yesterday, more on that later). I picked up a few things that were holiday essentials! I was dying to get a new swimsuit as nothing calls for new swimwear like a holiday. I don't have the kind of budget which allows me to spend loads on togs, and right now Glassons has a pretty good selection of stuff. I tried on loads and the only thing I really liked was this navy blue patterned halter-neck swimsuit for $40 NZD. The thing I like about it most is the unique neckline which is very on trend right now with crop tops. It didn't look that great on the hanger, but I'm so glad I tried it on because I'm really happy with it. I also picked up some plain black board shorts which are rather boring so they're not included in the photos.

I had been eyeing up the Bread and Butter Letter's (shop on K Road for you Aucklander's) sunglasses for quite a while so decided to get some in time for going away as I know I'll get irritable if I've got bright sun in my face the whole time. I originally wanted to get a brown, tortoiseshell type pair, but these black ones suited me the best and will go with anything. They were $29 NZD, I know you can get cheaper but I liked these ones a lot. I also picked up a cheap $10 NZD bra from Cotton On Body which has a daisy print on it, which I think is so cute. I am obsessed with daisy printed things, and I've been seeing loads of it in the shops recently. This is sort of a holiday essentials post, so I've included the latest Yen issue which is kind of old now, but I haven't had a chance to read any of it yet as I'm still reading the latest Frankie. I'm going to take this one on holiday as well as a couple of books from the library which will hopefully be available in time. I can't wait to read a lot and relax!

Now onto the exciting news I had mentioned earlier. Thursday afternoon I got an email saying I had got the University Scholarship I had applied for about a month ago! To be honest, it hasn't really sunk in yet, because if I maintain good grades I will get all of my University course fees paid for three years. That is huge, as I will not even have to get a student loan and won't be in debt, paying it off for half my life. It just doesn't seem real, but I'm sure it'll sink in soon enough. I'll be back with another post in a couple days with my September Playlist before I go on holiday.


15 September 2014

Wake Up

Outfit Details: Top // Dotti, Skirt // Cotton On, Cardigan // Jay Jays, Shoes // Converse.

Today I decided to throw something on after being in bed on my laptop until 2 p.m. Standard. Not really - I wish it was. I've been having a bit of a nice break after mock exams ended, I've just got one design workshop left tomorrow then it's back to business. Speaking about the outfit, I originally was quite hesitant about the mix of prints here but I think it's acceptable as the prints are very different, one is black and white and very plain, and one makes a bold statement with the vivid colouring. I don't know about you, but on those days where you're doing nothing sometimes it's nice to get dressed half way through the day so you can at least feel kind of nice for some of the day. If I stay in bed all day in my PJs, I kind of regret it once the day's over. Yeah, it's probably just me on that one.

Last night I painted my nails with O.P.I's Malaga Wine, and generally I don't mind about having dark nails in the warmer months and vise versa in the summer. I think you can wear whatever you like when you want. Apart from the formula becoming a bit gloopy, this colour is one of my favourites in terms of 'autumny' colours. I don't know about you, but watching loads of vlogs from British YouTubers makes me want it to be Autumn.  Anyway, that's about enough rambling for me today. Another quick note, I've been having this song on repeat for a couple of hours this afternoon after watching Chinchiminee's Auckland vlogs! Love it!


13 September 2014

Life Lately #7

I thought now that my (practice) exams are over for me as of Thursday, I would write up a little 'Life Lately' post as I seen to be doing these often and I like doing them! To be honest, my life isn't even exciting, but it's nice reflecting and looking back on the last couple of weeks every now and then.
Untitled-1 (2)
As of late I have been roaming around home not doing much apart from studying a little for practice exams that are now (thankfully over). It's been feeling like a bit of a weird couple of weeks as I've been sick and had some time off school, had exams (more time off school) and now I'm in that weird stage of having nothing to do but having SO MUCH to do, as my two art boards are due in a little over a month. Art boards stress me out so much, remind me again why I chose two art subjects at Year 13??

It's not all been bad though, as I had a lovely day out last Sunday with my friends. We went into town during what was probably the best day (weather wise) in a while - sunny enough to bring out my pale pins and wear a dress. I think I'm on the fence about summer: so much good photo light, loads of time off but at times, boredom and sweating and generally feeling gross. This summer I hope will be different and I'll get out a bit more! Back to Sunday, where we went out for a mexican lunch at the Mexican Cafe. I'd heard it was good and it didn't disappoint me, it was good food. I'm literally so excited to discover more places to eat in Auckland - the next place I want to venture to would have to be Best Ugly Bagels. Can I get a HELL YES?

So my life for the next month or so is going to be undoubtedly doing my art boards and revising for exams. I'm not sure how I feel about the end of high school just yet.

Things that've caught my eye: Rookie Mag's article on how to write a novel, Lily Pebble's Wall DIY (planning on doing something similar in the coming months) and these beautiful Free People desktop designs, especially the moon one. Also I have to mention in this little titbit a film that I watched last night and really enjoyed - How I Live Now, thanks to Britney's wonderful suggestions!

I've been listening to this song non-stop, in fact the whole new Angus and Julia Stone album. No doubt the album will be making a huge occurrence in my monthly playlist at the end of the month.


5 September 2014

A Wishlist

Now because I'm not allowed to spend any money and I'm feeling the withdrawals of buying stuff for myself (talk about first world problems) I thought why not make a little wishlist to see my through the rest of these few weeks and I'll just pretend I've bought them in the hope I'll actually buy some of this stuff some time in the near future. Having nice things is just so nice isn't it?  I'll consider this my 'summer' wishlist as it's finally looking like there will be a change in season shortly!

I must say, I've gathered quite the collection of cute stuff! The first thing that I am dying to get my hands on comes in the form of a shirt with daises on it. Enough said! This one from asos looks really cute and has that whole boyfriend shirt vibe going on with a slight cropped feel. I can imagine myself wearing this so I'm thinking this needs to be a thing soon. I'll try and not get too excited for the next thing... it's the new Frankie journal! Excuse me while I cry and sigh at this beautiful concoction, I need this in my life! I wanted the one last year, so I'm thinking this needs to happen for next year's diary. After watching Shaaanxo's new video she made me want to try out this cleanser which is made in New Zealand with natural ingredients. I'm having real trouble with my skin - whether it's because of winter or what I don't know because my skin was better in summer. It's not too bad of a price. Annoyingly my Lush cleanser (Herbalism, fyi) is out of date and I've still got way more than half - I don't know if you can keep using it or not. There's also the amazingly gorgeous Frankie calendar to go perfectly alongside the diary; I'm thinking this needs to be my 2015 calendar. (side note: 2015? How is that even a thing? Isn't it still 2008?)

The next line up of things are as lovely as the first lot. After reading Lily Pebble's blog post on concealer, and how she thinks the Revlon Colourstay Concealer is better than the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (which she hates - and after using it for a while I do agree that it's very drying), she persuaded me to try out this concealer as it looks to be more hydrating than Collection's. I have a big problem with dry skin and blemishes so I need to be on this stat! I've also been lusting over this COMPLETELY ADORABLE bag (was in need of capital letters, frankly) from Modcloth. I don't think I've met eyes with a prettier bag in all honesty. It's kind of cheating since it's a coming soon product, but so pretty! I've been having a good ol' browse on the Misguided website as per, and even though I'm yet to buy anything from there, I've seen plenty of things which are gorgeous. I came across these floaty, pom pomy (?), floral, tropical type shorts and I definitely know I need something like this for summer. I'm not a fan of wearing denim shorts any more (unless they're the loose, high waisted mom jeans type thing), I need a few pairs of loose easy breezy beauts! Last is this utterly gorgeous phone case from Rifle Paper Co. which is just perfect for me really. If you have any suggestions for places where I can buy phone cases, either online or in-store I'd be forever grateful as I'm in dire need of a new one!

(I've been browsing asos a lot of late since I've been sick in bed for a couple of days this week so expect another wishlist soon).

3 September 2014

Grey Nails

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment. It's such a me colour. It's called 'Chinchilly' from Essie - probably my favourite nail polish brand for the colour selection, cute names, formula and wear time. The colour could be described as a light to middle toned grey with purple undertones - I think the purple undertones suit my skin colour and it can look a different colour depending on what light you look at it in. I give it a big tick of approval as I'm typically one for donning the softer, toned down colours. I recommend giving this a try if you're like me, it's a gorgeous colour!


1 September 2014

Currently Loving #4

Happy September! I'm certainly excited for Spring. What I've been currently loving consists of a few beauty bits, a gorgeous jumper and a good ol' Frankie issue. My first post ever on this blog consisted of a Frankie Magazine, just know I love them, alright? This one looks particularly good, that blue on the cover is just gorgeous. Now let's talk about this American Apparel Jumper, shall we? I love everything about it - the purple colour, the slouchy comfy fit and the way it just covers my ahem *behind*. I don't think I'll want to wear another jumper for a while - it's actually not too thick so perfect for Spring weather.

The beauty bits I've been loving include a hair mask, a cleansing oil and a moisturiser; the perfect things for winter pamper nights if you ask me. As I'm writing this post I'm sitting with a good old lathering of this H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment on my head. It's great stuff - it's thick and full of loads of things that will definitely improve the quality of your hair and just make it very soft. I think the Marilyn treatment may just out weigh this as it's better suited for my hair type, but I've liked it anyway. The moisturiser I've been using a teensy bit and mixing it with my usual light moisturiser, again from Simple. This is the anti-blemish moisturiser from Simple and I have to say, I actually noticed a difference within a few days with my skin clearing up. Today it's seen better days but my skin likes to throw hissy fits so good skin days come in little stages. The only thing I had changed in my routine was putting this in, so who knows, maybe it's good stuff? I wouldn't use it on it's own though as I find it's too drying by it self. Lastly we have the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil - the Body Shop is seriously stepping up it's game - if I wasn't saving I would be having a shopping spree in there right this instant. This cleansing oil is alike to the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which I have as well, and have been trying to use it sparingly over the course of half a year - both are so lovely. Get this if you're on a budget, you won't regret it!

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