3 August 2014

What Winter Looks Like

I kind of like the idea of doing a seasonal photo diary type thing for the blog. With that in mind these are just photos shot on a whim on a rainy Sunday morning from my bedroom. Sometimes you find the urge to just take some photos, right? I am so eager to get out there and take more photos. I love the idea of going to a beach in winter. Too bad we missed our annual winter trip to Pauanui. I can't wait to go travelling the next holidays and take my camera along with me.

Big Eyes by Matt Corby on Grooveshark

This song by Matt Corby was covered by a student at my school on Friday night for a show. Let me tell you, I fell in love with it. Big eyes is my soundtrack for today as I attempt to not procrastinate. I'm one of those procrastinators that finds a billion other things to do to put it off for as long as possible. Hmm, what shall I do next?


  1. If I did this it would be pictures of wet concrete, fat pants and piles of chocolate - haha! Lovely post Emma <3

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. Hahahaah. You made me laugh out loud... haha. thanks <3


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