24 August 2014

Spring Awakening


Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Jay Jays
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: Mirrou
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

It seems like months and months ago when I last did an outfit post, and so here is a rare one for you. I've just noticed a pattern where I post about one every month. You've caught me on a very monochrome day. Who am I kidding, every day when I'm not wearing my school uniform is a monochrome day. (Even then, uniform). That's got me thinking that I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss my school uniform when I don't have to wear it every day next year. It happens to me every summer holidays where I actually miss wearing my uniform? Weird. It's just comfy, I'm used to it. The end of high school is pretty sad, really.

Moving on from that and to my outfit - this is what I wore on Saturday when I had to get up for work and afterwards did a spot of shopping to pick up something from town. I wore this grey acid-wash type tee which I seemed to have lost for about half a year before it conveniently got returned to my washed pile a couple of days ago. Love those kind of days. I'm also wearing my bog-standard black cardigan and asos satchel, nothing new. Since it's seemed to be a bit warmer this weekend I dragged out these cat flats which I seem to like more than I did a while ago. They're just so easy to wear with an outfit like this. One day I will bring you interesting outfit posts, but today is not that day. I've oddly had some good moments this weekend, and now it's 6.30 pm on a Sunday night (one of the worst times/day of the week if you ask me with school early tomorrow and everything) and I've got a 6 credit Classics internal due on Tuesday that I really, really need to do. I don't think right now is that time - sometimes I just need to say no and do what I like which right now is watching danisnotonfire videos and marathoning it at that.


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