6 August 2014

My Summer List

I can't tell you how excited I am for this summer, it is going to bring so many possibilities. I have so much more motivation for my blog and myself when the sun is out and I'm able to take decent photos, as well as having so much time off. I was looking through my flickr stream and came across some photos from last summer that make me so happy, it was at a time when I was taking photos constantly and looking back at myself in some of them shows how much I've changed and how long my hair has grown, haha!
To celebrate the near end of winter (I am ready for a bit of warmth please), here are some things I'm dreaming about doing this summer. What's on your list?

1. Taking more polaroid pictures and who knows, maybe I'll whip out a disposable camera to document the best moments? I like the idea of this very much.
2. Go to some sort of market or fair! I remember maybe last summer (or even the one before?) my friends and I went into town and passed through this cute strawberry market, there is literally nothing better than fresh juicy strawberries and vanilla icecream! I also love going to craft type markets. Let's just go into town a lot in general please.
3. Go somewhere new. I want to explore a few parts of the city I've never been to, or other areas in my home town. Whether that be finding a cute cafe to go for breakfast at or explore a different op shop!
4. Collect many flowers from my garden, neighbourhood, whatever. I particularly love doing this in the summer months. Since I can't exactly afford to buy flowers to keep in my room, there's always a pretty good selection at your disposal all around you. Flowers make a good accomplishment to blog photos too. Speaking of that...
5. Take many, many photos... for the blog and other. I want to take my DLSR camera out a bit more as well as taking a bit of extra time to appreciate the fantastic light I'll get in my room to take photos for the blog. Also, outfit posts.
6. Get ready regularly even if I'm not up to much and just get out of the house! I am guilty of staying in my PJs for the whole day on various occasions when it's the holidays. Unlike some people this makes me feel really, really lazy and guilty that I should be spending my time more wisely. Of course there will be many days I will be doing nothing and relaxing in my fat pants, but you know, Carpe Diem (seize the day) and all that.
7. Save up! I'm saving up for a MacBook, I'm so excited! That means limited spending for me as much as possible. If all goes to plan I'll be able to buy one before Uni starts next year. Uni! I can't believe it. Something tells me the blog will be taking off more than ever next year...

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