13 August 2014

Blog Love

I have followed so many new blogs lately on bloglovin' it's ridiculous! One of my absolute favourite things to do every day to unwind and relax is sit in bed with my laptop and read all the new and exciting blog posts on my feed. I thought I'd share with you the best of the bunch of these new to me blogs!
Joy Felicity Jane - This is one of the best kind of lifestyle blogs: beautiful photography, she always has something interesting to say, and there's a mix of all good things like food posts, life updates and travel. Good pictures are a must for me on any blog, and the thing I probably love the most from this blog!
Views of Now - This blog is an absolute gem. I love each and every style post as the photography and editing is wonderful, as well as the actual clothes. It's always a joy to find you have a post from this blog to read. This makes me want to go and scour for amazing outfit locations. Tell me your secrets!
Reading My Tea Leaves - Erin here has the ability to turn small things or small moments into something special. I especially love reading her 'my week in objects (mostly)' posts. Her photography is just wonderful and effortless too.
Samantha Heather - All of these blogs do seem to have a theme running through them... gorgeous photography, and this one is certainly no exception. Makes me want to take my camera out more and explore! Both her personal lifestyle posts and professional photography is a pleasure to look through for a good half an hour or more.
Dear You, Love Em - I discovered this blog today and I'm already enjoying it. By the looks of it she has some beautiful travel posts (which make me want to travel to Europe very badly) and a bunch of other nice stuff including appreciating the small moments in her reoccuring 'Sunday Smiles' posts, which I'm a very big fan of.
It's Cohen - This girl has effortless style and I always enjoy looking at what she's wearing in her outfit posts. There's not much else to it.

I hope you found at least one new blog to check out. Now tell me, what are your new (or old) blog discoveries?

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