28 August 2014

August Playlist

Here is another month of music for you - this one is good 'un! I have figured out by now that I like artists rather than individual songs as I've added at least a couple from my favourite people to listen to at the moment. It seems the announcement of the NZ 1975 Tour in January has sparked my interest again in that wonderful band so I've been listening to them a whole lot! I wish I could go to the concert, but I'm not allowed to spend money at the moment because I'm strictly saving up for a new laptop, but who knows if there manages to be any tickets left at all once I've got my laptop then who knows.

I have been loving Troye Sivan's album release like just about everyone else in the world! I love this type of music, all the songs are catchy, quirky and something I've never really heard before. My favourite would have to be Touch. What about you? I have also been loving an old Arctic Monkey's album - Favourite Worst Nightmare. One of their best, best, best albums if you ask me. My favourites are 505, Teddy Picker, Old Yellow Bricks and Only Ones Who Know - you should check out the rain edit of that too, it's amazing! Hope you enjoy the playlist if you decide to listen, and have a good September, it's going fast isn't it?


Troye Sivan / Happy Little Pill
The 1975 / Girls
Matt Corby / Big Eyes
Troye Sivan / Fun
The 1975 / Sex
Troye Sivan / Touch
Arctic Monkeys / 505
Arctic Monkeys / Old Yellow Bricks

Oh and I've just saw that the blog has reached 50 bloglovin' followers - thank you so much! It's a small number for some but it's nice to know some people have a bit of interest on the silly little things I post here.


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