9 July 2014

Winter Blogging Blues

I feel as though I am so much less motivated when it comes to cold weather and winter time. Photographs for my blog become less easier to take because of limited sunlight and dark mornings, outfit photos become a bother, school seems to become so much more stressful, and all in all I don't exactly feel like blogging because I'm so unmotivated. Sorry to impose a load of negativity on your Wednesday night (or whatever depending on where you are and when your reading this), I just feel like it's necessary to say this as I hate looking at my blog and want to feel excited about it, but I just can't at the moment.

To be honest I loved blogging when I first started it, and I didn't try so hard to fit into the standards of what everyone else was doing, but comparison takes over and eventually it just all heads in one kind of direction. I don't have any plan for this post whatsoever but what I'm basically trying to say is that I'm only going to blog if I genuinely want to, whether that be once a month. Some of my favourite blogs post pretty rarely. When it comes to this time of the year I am missing summer badly, but complain of the heat and sun in summer. Typical.

It's the school holidays for me now, and unfortunately I'm working for most of it (hey, money!) and most likely will be trying to cram in doing the load of homework I've been given for the rest of the time. I feel like I always want my two weeks of holiday to be amazing and relaxing, without a worry in the world, but it never turns out like that. I have so many things I'm worrying about at the moment, I feel like I can't enjoy my time off school. This has began to form into a diary entry or something, so I will leave it here.

Here's to blogging how you want to blog and accepting that it's okay to not blog for a while.


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