22 July 2014

Lush Haul

Apologies for the ghastly photo - winter lighting right?! On the weekend, my second to last day of freedom to be exact, I went out shopping with my mind set on picking up a few things from Lush I'd been after for a while. So read on to find out what I managed to get!

The first beautiful thing I got is the H'Suan Wen Hua (say that again three times fast) Hair Treatment, which has bananas, rosemary, balsamic vinegar and all sorts of nourishing and weird ingredients (that are all completely natural). I wanted to try out another one of their hair treatments as the first one I tried, Marilyn, was so so good! They're quite expensive but this one is a little cheaper and I have a feeling will last me longer. Compared to Marilyn this one's a lot thicker and seems to be doing a good job the first time I used it. I'll have to muster up a full review on this after I've used it a bit more.

Secondly I picked up a nice bath bomb as it's winter and I seriously have to restrain myself from taking a bath every single night because it's so cold! I love baths a lot, they make me feel so calm and relaxed just before hopping into bed. I've wanted to try out Dragon's Egg for absolutely ages, as every time I go into a Lush I pick up this bath bomb and the smell is absolutely wonderful. If you look citrus scents, you will adore this. I like getting the most out of mine, so I usually cut them in half. I used half last night and the smell is gorgeous, followed by soft skin - I can't complain! I think there could be popping candy in it too because something was popping in the water!

The Buffy Body Butter Bar is the last thing I picked up on recommendation from a friend. I've been thinking about buying a new Body Shop Body Butter because they are my favourite moisturisers but couldn't really justify the price at this stage even if they do last ages. I got this for a substitute, and works well for lazy moisturising after getting out of the bath or shower. In fact, you don't even have to get out of the shower - it's designed to be melted in the shower first and applied while you're still in there. It does leave you with nice skin, however the almond bits in the bar aren't my favourite as it's a tad harsh. I know it's meant for exfoliating, I think I'll have to get the hang of using it. It is a little inconvenient as it doesn't come with any long wearing container to keep it in, but I do know you can purchase those so I may need to do so in the future.

I adore Lush and can't wait to buy even more when I get the chance.

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