12 July 2014

Life Lately #3

First things first... welcome to the new blog. It's really exactly the same but with a little makeover (I procrastinate SO much, spending a good couple hours sorting out stuff for the blog rather than doing urgent holiday homework) and a new name. Like many bloggers before I've just had the urge to name my blog something different, something a bit more quirky and original. I've decided to go with Little Lunar, meaning little moon - something that fleetingly popped into my head. I'm a person who needs change in order to feel my best (some of the time, not) - I love fresh starts. At the moment because I've changed my url I'm having bloglovin' problems as the blog I've got on there is with my old url, but I've contacted them so hopefully I'll be able to keep my followers. There is also a problem with the comments as I had been using the commenting service Disqus and I've uninstalled the app so all of the comments are basically gone. Sorry if you've commented because it won't be there anymore - I'll be sticking to the plain blogger commenting system for now.

Moving onto what's happening in my life (which is pretty boring most of the time truthfully). This week has been the first week of the school holidays. I don't think I've really been spending my time wisely, procrastinating hugely and not doing a great deal about it. One good thing this week is that I've started working. Yes, I have my first job! It feels awesome to be earning some money, and I seriously can't wait until I get my first pay. I've been feeling rather busy and tired, and I'm working another 3 days next week, so it probably won't change all too much. I'm going to try and relax during this second week though because I really need to do that before school starts again otherwise I am going to be a walking zombie. That starts with not waking up too late, because I've been waking up at 12.30 the days I don't have work (I'm a disgrace, I know - but a 'typical' teenager nevertheless) and I don't want to wake up too early either because let's face it, I need my sleep. The area where I work is quite far from home so I've been enjoying an hour and a half bus ride there (read: not really enjoying) but the upside is that there's a lovely beach a 2 minute walk as well as a mall so I've been enjoying my hour lunch breaks. As mentioned in my last post I went out shopping today and had a really good time, a highlight being spotting this freaking amazing cactus candle (what?!) and enjoying a peach iced tea at Hulucat.



  1. Love the new name! Working is really tiring, but just think of the money :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea


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