29 July 2014

Interior Inspiration

room inspiration
Interior design is one of my favourite things! I love going through tumblr, pinterest or blogs and finding inspiration for my own room. I did a room tour earlier this year, but since then that fresh feeling of a new room has faded a little and I really want to rejuvenate my room a little. I needed big spaces of time to do this, so I may look at doing a little something extra for my room before uni next year over the summer holidays once exams are over in December. This gives me a lot of time to think things through, gather inspiration and sort out what's realistic and what isn't. I'd absolutely love a new desk. Why doesn't New Zealand have an IKEA? Maybe I could make my own with wood with help from my Dad... last summer I remade my dressing table over so I'm hoping to have another project like that.
These are some images of what my DREAM bedroom would ideally look like. When I have my own place and can afford to, I am going to love designing my home! The first and last image here is from a girl called Chloe who I have been SO inspired by as of late. Her bedroom/desk area especially is to die for! She is only 15 and so talented and inspiring. I highly recommend checking out her blog. I love how she has collected all of these little things like cards from Kikki.K to hang off her shelves. I feel like the space surrounding me inspires me motivates me so much, so I am excited. Just if summer would hurry up so I don't have to hibernate in my room huddled up in a blanket!

image sources: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.



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    1. Thanks! Sure I can have a look at your blog :)


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