17 July 2014

Currently Loving #3

Back in the old days of my blog (okay only December last year) I did these posts where I basically layed out everything I'd bought, been loving or simply looked nice with the other collection of items and I took photographs of it. I love collecting these items together to talk about what I've been loving lately and love these kind of posts from other bloggers too.

One of the first things is the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water which I've just repurchased in fear of running out of my first one. I could just buy about a gazillion things from there. One of the things I've been loving and getting back into is doing a bit of painting, messing around and getting more creative. I find it a real struggle to do art things for school sometimes when I feel like I'm just forcing it and not creating something I'm happy with. Ideally I would have wanted to do a lot more these holidays, but I'm getting back into it. Frankie Magazine is sure to inspire me though, but would you believe it I probably got this magazine a few weeks ago and I haven't had a chance to read any of it. I just finished off the latest Yen in the tub last night, so I'm going to get into this asap before school starts. Such a pretty cover!

Another thing I've been trying to get back into is reading. I love reading. When I was younger I could read a book in a day. I used to get tons out from the library! My love for reading is sadly put on hold because of school work. I have a list of books I actually want to buy (physically own) and read. When will I ever get the time though? This summer reading books is literally going to be where it's at for me. I found this awesome (new to me) site called bookdepository.com, where there is pretty much every book you could ever want with different covers and either paperback/hardback for so much cheaper than you would get them in normal book stores. So stoked about this as I'm going to order a couple of books soon. This site is where one of new favourite YouTubers (or book tuber) Sanne a.k.a. booksandquills purchases her books from. I could watch her videos all day every day, it's actually refreshing when I can watch a YouTuber who has a great head on her shoulders and talks about something different for a change (books!) rather than beauty, fashion, etc (but hey - I will still definitely be watching those as well!)

The book above, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is not what I have been reading, I just chucked it in the photo because I would really like to reread some of the books I have at some stage. I infact pretty much hated this book if I'm being honest, but willing to reread books and give them another chance - (however sometimes if I just can't stand a book and find it really difficult to read, I will just not read it, because let's face it, life is way to short for that).



  1. ahh this is such a lovely post! I can usually read john green books so easily and quickly, but I couldn't even finish an abundance of katherines, not a fan either x



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