25 June 2014

Online Make-up Haul

Last week I ordered a few things online from makeup.co.nz and makeupunderground.com. I recommend them if you live in New Zealand as I know buying make-up in our country isn't the easiest thing. Shipping was super fast as these are based in New Zealand, so it only took about 2-3 days for both to arrive. The first thing I wanted to get was the Elf Eyebrow Kit. I got mine in light as I thought it would be a good colour match but sadly it's just too dark for me - I guess I will purchase the ash colour when I get around to it because other than the colour it worked really well and looked nice. I ended up giving this to my sister as she has darker brows. I wasn't too sad though because at $6.90 it's super cheap.

I also picked up an Elf Liquid Eyeliner as I felt like I needed a new eyeliner as one that I have dries out really fast. This eyeliner so far is great, it goes on really wet but gives you a lovely finish and isn't too hard to achieve. From elf the last thing I got was their Studio Blush in Candid Coral. I would say I was quite disappointed with this, as the colour was not at all how I thought it was going to be and the blush itself isn't that great either. Maybe other colours are better though. I think I will still use it because it's not very pigmented so I'll just build up the colour slightly. Don't worry though, I know not to go overboard on the blush. I couldn't resist getting a gorgeous NYX butter gloss as they've been all the rage lately. I got the one I liked the most which was in Peach Cobbler. It's a nice colour, it's actually quite neon. The last thing is the Natural Palette from NYX which I am a bit disappointed in too. The eyeshadows are not pigmented at all really, in fact the one that shows up clearly on my skin is the darkest shade. Maybe a little too natural, unfortunately. 

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