22 June 2014

Life Lately #2

A few days ago I bought some things from makeup.co.nz and makeupunderground.com which are great sites if you live in New Zealand and want to buy make-up online. I ended up getting a few elf products and a couple of things from NYX. I have a post coming up on these and what my first impressions of them are so far. On Saturday I headed to the mall to buy a flower crown for my school's International Language Week where on Friday we have a culture parade. My friends and I are going as Greek Goddesses so I'll be needing to set my toga making skills to the test shortly.

I've got most of my ball things sorted out, it's in about two weeks! The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding a nice clutch. Preferably, a silver one. Please if you have any ideas of sites or stores within New Zealand let me know! I recently got my ball shoes from Forever New and they are gorgeous but pretty uncomfortable. But that's how it usually goes with heels, eek! I've got some magazine reading to catch up on as I've had this Yen sitting around for a couple weeks but have had no chance to read it. I'm almost finished with the recent Frankie issue, so I'll be onto this next. I really like the cover.

In other news I have absolutely been obsessed with watching Sherlock after I began watching the first season. It is such an AMAZING series, I cannot wait to finish all of the episodes (and then I'll be eagerly awaiting new ones...) How has life been for you lately?

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