8 June 2014

Life Lately #1

Life has been busy of late with school assignments. I would just love a break right about now. I probably shouldn't complain too much though because I know University will be worse. I don't know why but I'm anxious about it. On Friday I went to an open evening for AUT as I'm interested in studying Communication Studies there next year. I'm not 100% though, who know's what'll happen. I can't believe I'll be going to Uni next year, when I was younger it felt like forever until I would have to leave school.
I've especially been busy with my design and photography work. Who knows why I chose to do both in my last year! It's a lot of work. Photography is my main love, and really, when it comes down to it and I'm producing something I'm happy/proud of, it makes it worth it. This week I've been doing a lot of photography related things, going to Auckland's Festival Photography with my class and hanging up an exhibition featuring one of my own photographs at the Corban Estate Gallery. It's been a lot of fun, but now I really have to get back to reality. I'm struggling to do my design work as my heart really isn't in it which just sucks. I'll be uploading newly edited photos to my photography blog so make sure you have a look.

Go Slow by Haim on Grooveshark

Currently obsessed with singing out loud to Haim in my spare time, have a good rest of your weekend x

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