21 June 2014

How To Clean Make-up Brushes

This way be a bit of a boring one for you, but I thought I'd write a little post on how I clean my make-up brushes. I find that something gentle is just the best way to go so it doesn't ruin the quality of your brushes. I'm a bit guilty of not washing my brushes often enough, but you will see a HUGE difference in your make-up application if you set aside maybe one day a week to clean them if you use your brushes regularly. All I do is grab all the brushes I use (which is only really 3), run warm water from the tap, put some baby shampoo on my hand and swirl the brush with it against my hand using the warm water at the same time to get all the make-up out of the brush. Make sure you have clean hands and wash the brushes thoroughly with water to make sure there is no baby shampoo residue left. Cleaning your make-up brushes helps with limiting the spread of bacteria, therefore reducing the chance that you'll breakout from all the bacteria being spread everywhere. I recommend using Lush's tea tree toner for it's antibacterial action as well.

To dry them, what I do is shake as much water as can out of them for a minute then leave them on a windowsill with the window open so the breeze helps with drying faster. It shouldn't take too long but I recommend doing this on a Sunday so it's all done before another busy week begins! I literally had no idea how you were meant to clean your brushes when I first started using make-up, and this probably still isn't the right way, but it works for me. Before this I used an soap free bar from Simple which works well too! By the way these are the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Multi-task Brush and the Contour Brush which are my favourite brushes and I highly recommend them. xx

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