14 June 2014

Boyfriend Jeans


Shirt: Dotti
Jeans: Old
Cardigan: Jay Jay's
Shoes: Vintage (Opshop)

I've kind of been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for ages... but have no luck. These jeans are just really old and something I decided to wear just because I never wear them. I'm starting to realise my 'style' is really boring... but this outfit or a version of it is basically what I live in. I wish I'd taken some photographs of an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago where I had rolled up jeans, these shoes, cardigan and my favourite 'Harry Please' shirt. I feel like 90s style is coming back. Truth is I really didn't have anything else to post today so decided to take some quick snaps before going out for lunch (I had the most delicious lunch and the weather was sunny and lovely).

In terms of life news I've been busy with school and on Tuesday night we had one of the worst storms I can remember... it cut out our internet and has only come back on yesterday. I'm welcomed back with 200 unread bloglovin' posts. It's sad how bored/angry you can be without it. I'm pretty happy because I don't have to wear my retainer anymore during the day as I'm on nightwear now. For someone who has had braces/a retainer for three years and JUST WANTS TO HAVE NORMAL TEETH, this is amazing. Enjoy your weekend, I want to make the most of it, because wow school is tiring.

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