25 June 2014

Online Make-up Haul

Last week I ordered a few things online from makeup.co.nz and makeupunderground.com. I recommend them if you live in New Zealand as I know buying make-up in our country isn't the easiest thing. Shipping was super fast as these are based in New Zealand, so it only took about 2-3 days for both to arrive. The first thing I wanted to get was the Elf Eyebrow Kit. I got mine in light as I thought it would be a good colour match but sadly it's just too dark for me - I guess I will purchase the ash colour when I get around to it because other than the colour it worked really well and looked nice. I ended up giving this to my sister as she has darker brows. I wasn't too sad though because at $6.90 it's super cheap.

I also picked up an Elf Liquid Eyeliner as I felt like I needed a new eyeliner as one that I have dries out really fast. This eyeliner so far is great, it goes on really wet but gives you a lovely finish and isn't too hard to achieve. From elf the last thing I got was their Studio Blush in Candid Coral. I would say I was quite disappointed with this, as the colour was not at all how I thought it was going to be and the blush itself isn't that great either. Maybe other colours are better though. I think I will still use it because it's not very pigmented so I'll just build up the colour slightly. Don't worry though, I know not to go overboard on the blush. I couldn't resist getting a gorgeous NYX butter gloss as they've been all the rage lately. I got the one I liked the most which was in Peach Cobbler. It's a nice colour, it's actually quite neon. The last thing is the Natural Palette from NYX which I am a bit disappointed in too. The eyeshadows are not pigmented at all really, in fact the one that shows up clearly on my skin is the darkest shade. Maybe a little too natural, unfortunately. 

22 June 2014

Life Lately #2

A few days ago I bought some things from makeup.co.nz and makeupunderground.com which are great sites if you live in New Zealand and want to buy make-up online. I ended up getting a few elf products and a couple of things from NYX. I have a post coming up on these and what my first impressions of them are so far. On Saturday I headed to the mall to buy a flower crown for my school's International Language Week where on Friday we have a culture parade. My friends and I are going as Greek Goddesses so I'll be needing to set my toga making skills to the test shortly.

I've got most of my ball things sorted out, it's in about two weeks! The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding a nice clutch. Preferably, a silver one. Please if you have any ideas of sites or stores within New Zealand let me know! I recently got my ball shoes from Forever New and they are gorgeous but pretty uncomfortable. But that's how it usually goes with heels, eek! I've got some magazine reading to catch up on as I've had this Yen sitting around for a couple weeks but have had no chance to read it. I'm almost finished with the recent Frankie issue, so I'll be onto this next. I really like the cover.

In other news I have absolutely been obsessed with watching Sherlock after I began watching the first season. It is such an AMAZING series, I cannot wait to finish all of the episodes (and then I'll be eagerly awaiting new ones...) How has life been for you lately?

21 June 2014

How To Clean Make-up Brushes

This way be a bit of a boring one for you, but I thought I'd write a little post on how I clean my make-up brushes. I find that something gentle is just the best way to go so it doesn't ruin the quality of your brushes. I'm a bit guilty of not washing my brushes often enough, but you will see a HUGE difference in your make-up application if you set aside maybe one day a week to clean them if you use your brushes regularly. All I do is grab all the brushes I use (which is only really 3), run warm water from the tap, put some baby shampoo on my hand and swirl the brush with it against my hand using the warm water at the same time to get all the make-up out of the brush. Make sure you have clean hands and wash the brushes thoroughly with water to make sure there is no baby shampoo residue left. Cleaning your make-up brushes helps with limiting the spread of bacteria, therefore reducing the chance that you'll breakout from all the bacteria being spread everywhere. I recommend using Lush's tea tree toner for it's antibacterial action as well.

To dry them, what I do is shake as much water as can out of them for a minute then leave them on a windowsill with the window open so the breeze helps with drying faster. It shouldn't take too long but I recommend doing this on a Sunday so it's all done before another busy week begins! I literally had no idea how you were meant to clean your brushes when I first started using make-up, and this probably still isn't the right way, but it works for me. Before this I used an soap free bar from Simple which works well too! By the way these are the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Multi-task Brush and the Contour Brush which are my favourite brushes and I highly recommend them. xx

14 June 2014

Boyfriend Jeans


Shirt: Dotti
Jeans: Old
Cardigan: Jay Jay's
Shoes: Vintage (Opshop)

I've kind of been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for ages... but have no luck. These jeans are just really old and something I decided to wear just because I never wear them. I'm starting to realise my 'style' is really boring... but this outfit or a version of it is basically what I live in. I wish I'd taken some photographs of an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago where I had rolled up jeans, these shoes, cardigan and my favourite 'Harry Please' shirt. I feel like 90s style is coming back. Truth is I really didn't have anything else to post today so decided to take some quick snaps before going out for lunch (I had the most delicious lunch and the weather was sunny and lovely).

In terms of life news I've been busy with school and on Tuesday night we had one of the worst storms I can remember... it cut out our internet and has only come back on yesterday. I'm welcomed back with 200 unread bloglovin' posts. It's sad how bored/angry you can be without it. I'm pretty happy because I don't have to wear my retainer anymore during the day as I'm on nightwear now. For someone who has had braces/a retainer for three years and JUST WANTS TO HAVE NORMAL TEETH, this is amazing. Enjoy your weekend, I want to make the most of it, because wow school is tiring.

8 June 2014

Life Lately #1

Life has been busy of late with school assignments. I would just love a break right about now. I probably shouldn't complain too much though because I know University will be worse. I don't know why but I'm anxious about it. On Friday I went to an open evening for AUT as I'm interested in studying Communication Studies there next year. I'm not 100% though, who know's what'll happen. I can't believe I'll be going to Uni next year, when I was younger it felt like forever until I would have to leave school.
I've especially been busy with my design and photography work. Who knows why I chose to do both in my last year! It's a lot of work. Photography is my main love, and really, when it comes down to it and I'm producing something I'm happy/proud of, it makes it worth it. This week I've been doing a lot of photography related things, going to Auckland's Festival Photography with my class and hanging up an exhibition featuring one of my own photographs at the Corban Estate Gallery. It's been a lot of fun, but now I really have to get back to reality. I'm struggling to do my design work as my heart really isn't in it which just sucks. I'll be uploading newly edited photos to my photography blog so make sure you have a look.

Go Slow by Haim on Grooveshark

Currently obsessed with singing out loud to Haim in my spare time, have a good rest of your weekend x

7 June 2014

Currently Loving #2

I have been loving a few beauty items recently so I thought I'd share. First up is the beautiful The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil that everyone has been raving about. It removes every piece of make-up and makes your skin feel renewed. It really is wonderful stuff, perfect for my evening skin care routine. If you've been wanting this for a while, I say just go and buy it because you won't be disappointed. The Body Shop really is amazing. Something slightly more boring but important nevertheless is the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I have taken quite a liking to the Simple brand as it's gentle and does the job well. Before this I had used the rich moisturiser version but this one is better I think. It's funny because I think this one moisturises my skin better than the rich version and is thicker, almost like a gel formula. Skincare aside, I've been liking the Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush for powder and the odd days I wear blush. It's the perfect brush for all of that: powder, bronzer, highlighter, blush. It's really fluffy, big and very effective.

Just a quick post this Saturday to say yes I am alive. What have you been loving in the beauty department? x

3 June 2014

What I've Been Reading: Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever
I first heard about this book over on Kate's blog and ever since I have wanted to read it. I don't buy books (only if I really want to) because I can't afford it, so it took a really long time to get this in my hands from the library. It's fine though because it was worth the wait. In the last year I haven't really been motivated to read. A few years ago I used to read so much and vividly remember finishing a book in a day and thinking that getting a stack of books from the library to read was fun. I just wish I could do this now, but school really takes the fun of reading away, mostly just because school takes up 95% of my life.

Anyway, let's talk about the book. It's called Never Have I Ever, My Life (So Far) Without a Date. I'll tell you my thoughts on the book! As Kate said in her post, Katie's life without having a boyfriend is extremely relatable, and it was for me as well. I'm still young, but social pressures have led me to believe I should have had a boyfriend or various by now. I know, I know. Katie talks about her life experiences in the boy department basically, and it's hilarious. You will most definitely laugh out loud at least once. I think I have a very similar thought process to her, so it just makes it all that much more reliable. I think she's sweet and you will probably want to be her best friend when you're done reading the book. She discusses her life in elementary school all the way up into college and adulthood. The underlying message of the book is that it really is okay to be single, and if you don't end up single in the future, then that's okay too.

Would you read this book?

1 June 2014

May Playlist

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd do something different and write out my playlist in my notebook and scan it in. Also, I have tried a couple of ways to put the songs up from soundcloud (fail) to grooveshark (don't like the look of it) so I thought I'd just list the songs for you like this (hopefully I'll get a bit more creative next time) and link you to the songs below! Hope you enjoy the songs. I've especially been loving Ed Sheeran and the Arctic Monkeys, so nothing new here. Ed Sheeran's album drops really soon so I'm super excited. What songs/artists have you been loving this month? x

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