19 May 2014

Peter Pan Collar

I've always wanted to be one of those girls who look effortlessly cute with a peter pan collar. I'm not sure if I succeeded with this, but I felt super comfortable and lovely this day. When it comes to outfit posts I'm not sure if anyone remotely cares but I'll proceed. How was your weekend? I went and bought my ball dress which I'm pretty much in love with. So glad that huge stress is off my chest. For now, could you suggest a good place to buy prom/ball/formal shoes from?
As for the outfit, I sort of forgot I owned this tan satchel from asos which I really adore! The cardigan and boots are two pieces I pretty much wear all the time. It's quite weird as I know many in the Northern Hemisphere would be sick of wearing tights if their climate requires it, but I'm excited to wear tights a lot this winter; if it wasn't for them I would be absolutely freezing my ass off at school. I just feel way more put together in winter, so let's celebrate, okay? Have a good week, I've got a boring school trip and two big assignments due this week. Lucky me.

Dress: Valleygirl / Cardigan: Jay Jays / Bag: Asos / Shoes: Vintage

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