21 May 2014

One for Blondes

Let me start by saying I love any hair product that just makes your hair feel swishy, nourished, soft, sleek and smells nice. This Lush Hair Treatment, aptly named Marilyn is literally the answer to my prayers when I just want a good hair day. It's a mask type treatment you slather all over your hair while dry and leave it in your hair for a minimum of twenty minutes. Go ahead and leave it for a couple of hours though, the longer the better really! You then wash it out well to which your hair already feels amazing, then go ahead and shampoo and condition as normal and boy, you are going to have some super smooth glossy locks once dry.

This has been my go to luxury product for my hair of late. I'm falling in love with Lush products fast - and I haven't come across something I haven't liked. This product joins my list of must have Lush products. As for the 'lighter brighter' hair claim, I have to say I did notice a change after using it after just one go. It's not going to turn your hair blonde if you have darker locks obviously, but if you have naturally blonde or colour treated hair then it just works to protect your hair and brighten in colour. The only thing I would say is that you'll only get about four uses out of this pot if you have thick or long hair because you use more product up than you'd
think with one use. I reserve it for use about once every week and a half or fortnight. Now tell me, blondes, are you intrigued yet?

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