28 May 2014

My Favourite Instagrams

One thing is for certain and that is I love instagram! I'm pretty sure I got addicted to it for a couple weeks where I would literally look through every single post in my feed from when I last saw it. That was in the summer holidays, when I had oodles of time, but now not so much. I still love looking through instagram posts every now and then and always manage to visit my favourite profiles frequently. Here are my favourite instagrams, filled with pretty pictures and amazing people.
First up is fromrosesxo, hosted by the lovely Rebecca. I adore her blog just as much as her instagram, full of adorable and pleasing images of her room (jealous), her cute pup Bella, many striped tees and of course,  delightful breakfasts and make-up bits. Her pictures certainly brighten up my feed!
Rebecca Sather is a pretty lucky girl. She shares her adventures of travelling in Europe with her parents on her instagram, but also documents some of the ordinary life around her too as well as her home country beauty (Australia). Oh to have visited the places she has! I can always count on a beautiful photo of fresh blooms or old travel pics to brighten my day and make me feel a certain kind of wanderlust. Psst, her flickr is pretty nice too.
You'll find design student Christie posting her latest little art and craft bits, nice spaces, her adventures in museums and art galleries, and you know you're always going to get a cute picture of her latest purchases as she has a niche for opshopping. I can't resist the photos of cute printed socks she posts as well as her adorable shoe collection. Couldn't be more envious of his girl as her feed is filled to the brim with all sorts; you'll soon find she has quite the talent in capturing her daily life.
Since Amanda Thomas is from my hometown in Auckland, New Zealand I always enjoy what she has to say or post. Her instagram is full of perfect and pretty photos documenting yummy treats she's eaten, her adorable outfits and places she happens to be in and around. Like all good 'grammers she has a signature pet (pets) which she likes to feature, this time it's Calvin and Harvey which are her guniea pigs. Let's not forget to mention her cat also. Nothing completes an instagram feed like a cute pet, right?

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