15 May 2014

Currently Loving #1

I'm not sure how often I'll do one of these beauty round up posts because it's not like I get a million products to try a month, or have the budget that would allow me to go out on extravagant beauty hauls to try new things, but I thought why not in the current spontaneity state my blog is in, that I'd show you the beauty bits I've generally been loving lately.
I've absolutely fallen head over heels for the Lush Tea Tree Water as I've mentioned on the blog before. If you want a full review, click here but let me tell you this is fantastic stuff. I would probably go as far to say as I couldn't live with it? I just couldn't imagine not using it as it calms my skin right down. I really hope this lasts a bit because at this rate I may have to go and buy another.

Two concealers I've been loving are nothing new to you I'm sure; the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. They are quite different from one another I'd say, in many aspects so I'm thinking of doing a comparison post on them sometime next week probably. The Collection brand has recently become available to buy in New Zealand stores, so I hadn't used the Collection Concealer before this like I'm sure many of you in the beauty world would have. It's wonderful stuff! It literally hides anything and makes your skin look amazing. I feel comfortable just wearing this on my face and nothing else. The only thing I'd say is it could be slightly drying, but that's where Rimmel's Concealer comes in as it makes your skin look wonderful; dewy and radiant. It has a lighter coverage and is a touch too dark for my skin though. I'll talk about these two in full at a later date.

A hair product I've been liking is the V05 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo. I had been using Batiste for quite a while but eventually found that it was just not for me. I cannot handle having my hair feel gross after using a hair product. It would make my hair dry and coarse, even in the look of it. I think that Batiste is good for banishing oil, but like I said; not for me. At the moment I prefer V05's Dry Shampoo as it is much lighter, smells better, doesn't leave a white mess if used lightly and makes my hair softer and glossier than Batiste. It's just pleasant to use, is good for second day hair but may not be as heavy duty as other dry shampoos. However, it suits my needs.

Marilyn, oh Marilyn. This stuff just makes your hair luscious - it's the Marilyn hair treatment from Lush. I am planning to do a full review on this in a while like I've mentioned before, but I look forward to using this SO much. You can smell it in your hair days after washing, it makes your hair so soft, manageable and brighter in colour for highlighted or colour treated hair. The staff at lush even raved about it when I went to purchase it. The only downside is that you use quite a lot if you have a decent amount of hair, so it's looking like this pot will get me about 4 uses. (Which is hard when you want to use it all the time, you have to cut it down to once a week or fortnight.) Lastly I've been liking the Maybelliene Volume Express Colossal Mascara. This makes your lashes dark, volumnised and quite lengthened without being too clumpy; it's an all rounder.

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