29 May 2014

Comparing Concealers

I've found too great concealers and they are Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. They are both great for two different purposes for what works best with my skin type, so let me explain how I use them and what the pros and cons are of each.
My skin can be pretty dry in some parts and a little oily in other areas, but I find it's becoming less oilier these days. My skin is also extremely blemish prone, and I especially enjoy the abundance of hormonal acne I receive all the time... don't we all? Besides having excruciatingly annoying skin most of the time, I try my best to get rid of it and for the meanwhile of course conceal them as best I can. Rimmel Wake Me Up is not a good concealer for blemishes. It is however amazing for under your eyes for adding a glow to your face. Definitely not high coverage, but a lightweight formula which may need some backing up with another heavier duty concealer. The colour is a little dark for my skin but it comes off fine if blended nicely. So Rimmel, get a broader skin tone range please!

The Collection Concealer has basically become a holy grail for me lately. Let's run through the positives: it's high coverage and literally covers anything, the colour match is perfect and it gives a nice finish on the skin. A negative could be that it is drying on dry skin, and can cling to dry patches, so you will need nicely moisturised skin. The most annoying blemishes can look obvious that I've concealed them with this by the end of the day. I found this to be a problem, so I used a thin base of Rimmel's more liquidy, slightly hydrating formula to counteract the dryness. I use the Collection Concealer under my eyes too for an extremely good coverage and around where I have any red or uneven skin. Tip: Don't drop your concealer on the floor because it will crack at the lid and concealer will ooze out of the gap every time you use it resulting in huge waste... After concealing I haven't been using any foundation at the minute because I just find it way too heavy on my skin. I think because I still go to high school, I don't need a lot of make-up on my face anyway.

Do you use/like these concealers, or what are YOUR favourite concealer(s)? I'd just love to know x

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