23 May 2014

Beauty Wishlist

After watching countless beauty YouTubers and reading the blogs of many beauty lovers, it's fair to say that I've compiled a good amount of jealousy at how readily available products are overseas and it's so easy and cheap to pick up make-up. Living in New Zealand, it's really hard to get decent make-up I think. However, I recently found a bunch of websites that stock brands that I've wanted to try for ages, are based in New Zealand or ship to New Zealand (not for a huge price as well) thanks to Shaaanxo. It makes me happy that I can now buy cheap make-up online from trusted stores. So here's what's on my beauty wishlist...

First up is the most expensive but possibly the most exciting thing... it's the Anastasia Brow Whiz which I have heard so so so many good things about. I don't use brow products as my brows don't really need too much filling in, especially with school; but I want to start doing something about them as I think good brows can make your face look ten times better. This seems so nice, natural looking and easy to use so I'm happy to pay the big price tag if it works. Next up is the Balm Highlighter Mary-Lou Manzier. I think this will look so pretty as I'm a big fan of a bright, dewy look. I would like to try out at least one of the NYX Butter Glosses - Peach Cobbler was the one which caught my attention as I've heard amazing things about these glosses too. I've never been a fan of lip gloss but I think anyone who's tried these is converted straight away as they aren't sticky. From NYX I'd also like to their Cream Blush in Natural as I want something extremely pretty and natural looking for my cheeks. Last but not least I want to get a Sleek Palette! Oh So Special caught my attention as I liked the shades the most. I don't own an eyeshadow palette so I want to start with some pretty, natural shades and get experimenting!

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