10 May 2014

A Photography Adventure

Today I ventured outdoors in the morning (despite my internal protests of it being Saturday and wanting to sleep in after a hard week at school) to shoot with my friend for my school photography assignment. My overall theme is 'dreams'. Eventually, I'm going to be combining these photos with others I've taken to form something a little like this. I thought I might as well share some of the photos I've been editing this afternoon as this is my blog and I like sharing some of my photography every now and then.

I've been a little MIA this week, having posted only one measly wishlist. I don't really have any ideas on what to post at the moment or necessarily have the motivation. I think I'd like to post a few times a week rather than every day because when I write up posts spontaneously like this, I do enjoy it. I've got a couple exciting posts coming up anyway that I'll have to get around to doing. Have a good weekend and try to relax, okay? I'm going to try myself.

P.S I'm getting stressed trying to look for a formal/ball dress. Can anyone recommend me some sites?

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