8 April 2014

The New LBD

I really should get around to shooting more outfit posts. The truth is, they're one of my favourite posts to look at and read. I personally love fashion photography and would shoot myself if I could! (With a camera that is!) But you know how it goes, you either have to be the model or the photographer because self timer and tripods are not your friend. I just wish I had a sister who was more compliant in taking photos of me. For that reason and that I don't always look camera presentable means this isn't exactly an outfit post, but we'll let that slide.
This is the outfit I wore to a party on Saturday night which was so, so fun. Fear not, I did wear a black slip underneath this dress as that would have been waaay to see through! It's a shame though because you kind of loose the detail of the dress when you add a slip, but for obvious reasons it's not a good idea to go slip free. The sleeves of this dress are absolutely gorgeous and just something very different from what I would normally wear. I don't have any long sleeve dresses, but this three quarter length is very flattering. I can't help but get a 60's vibe from this dress and while wearing my new shoes which I am absolutely in love with. What I liked about the dress is that it's something a little more interesting than just a plain old LBD. As always, Glassons is very on point.
While picking up these shoes I tried on a pair of Trousers from the same store because I've been looking for some super comfy pants rather than just tights. These were SO comfy and looked nice apart from the fact the bottom of the pants flared out too much for my liking. They looked cute with the shoes when rolled up, and I can't help but feeling like I should have just gone for it and bought them. Ah, shopping regrets. Have you had any of those recently?

Dress: Glassons
Slip: (not pictured) Supre
Shoes: Mirrou


  1. ahhh I love this dress, it's gorgeous! I've been obsessed with everything mesh at the moment, glassons is so on point


  2. I know!! It's so gorgeous and glassons is ab fab x


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