21 April 2014

The last of summer

We've generally been having good weather for most of the year but now I can see it's beginning to change. It's autumn down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but on the day when I took these photos it was really warm and felt like we were going into summer. I think I have a love hate relationship when it comes to hot weather, on the one hand it makes me quite cranky but it can also really bring my mood up. I thought why not make the most of being able to wear clothes like crop tops and shorts while the weather lasts.
I am smitten with these shorts from Forever New - everything in that shop is so beautiful but too pricey to buy much. I don't own another pair of shorts like these as I tend to think they can sometimes look like pyjamas but they are literally so comfortable so I'm thinking when spring comes around again, I'll definitely be a little more experimental when it comes to wearing shorts. I think it can be a bit boring, but when you try printed ones such as these I think the result is really cute. To pair with the shorts I threw on a basic white crop top and accessorised minimally with a cream ring and bracelet, both I got in Hawaii last year. (It has officially been a year since I ventured to America with my family. Post holiday depression is still running strong!)
To tie the outfit together I painted my nails with Rimmel's Aqua Cool, which in the bottle looks like a baby blue but is a super pretty blue-purple colour which I adore. Happy surprises are the best! I think the nail polish works well with the outfit without it looking too matchy-matchy but matching enough if you get what I mean. I'm a very basic dresser, opting for simplicity, comfort and monochrome most of the time, so these shorts are a little bit out of my comfort zone but I still really like them and I'm glad I got to wear them before winter hits!
Top: From a cheap store in America I can't remember the name of / Shorts: Forever New / Bracelet and Ring: Hawaiian markets / Shoes: Rubi Shoes

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