25 April 2014

Take Me To France

To be honest all I need here is a red beret (perhaps I'll have to put my hair down first) a baguette and I'll be pretty much as cliché French as you can get. I can't help wearing stripes most days, I think a good striped t-shirt is a classic piece everyone needs in their wardrobe (even if I have about seven...). Funny story: I asked my mum if she could buy this top for me instead of an Easter egg... if that doesn't say much about me, I don't know what does.
Somehow I suck at taking pictures so these aren't the best. Self timer and no tripod really is not my friend, try balancing your expensive camera atop of your old Twilight books and a toothbrush... seriously. Yep, I did that. At least it makes for a semi amusing story to go along with this post, right? I could tell you about how I went and saw Divergent on this day and it was great, apart from the fact I didn't go because people who bale on you -- not cool. I still really want to see it and just wish I could from the comfort of my own bed and leftover Easter eggs tonight. Who am I kidding, I devoured the rest of the chocolate yonks ago.
Top: The Warehouse / Jeans: Forever 21 / Shoes: Mirrou / Necklace: Boh Runga / Rings: Gift

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