20 April 2014

Sunday Stuff #013

I hope you're having a great Easter weekend. It's the school holidays for me now so hopefully I'll be able to work on some great blog content in the next couple of weeks - especially outfit posts as I'll be wearing actual clothes everyday and not my school uniform.
On Thursday it was a super crazy weather day, if you live in Auckland you'll know what I'm talking about, I woke up generally scared for my life as it felt like there was a cyclone outside my bedroom window. But as they say, the calm after the storm came the next day and it's been feeling like spring! For now I'll be chomping down on the last of the chocolate marshmallow eggs and hot cross buns.
A few instagram pics from this week ~ if you like you can follow me here.
Friday was all about the hot cross buns and having a really lazy day. I finished the day with a load of Domino's pizza a pamper night with a Lush bubble bomb. On Saturday we went out for a super lovely lunch, I opted for something a bit healthier as I'm trying to eat better (mainly just cut out the load of sugar I eat) although it's really not at a great time, is it?

Also, HEADS UP! This is the last Sunday Stuff post I'll be doing on the blog. I've thought about it a little and instead of a weekly life update post, I want to do a 'life lately' post every now and then when I've actually got something to talk about or some worthy pictures to share because I feel like sometimes I'm making a stretch to write up a quality post every week. This has come about with the overhaul of my blog too! You know me, I can't sit still for very long with one blog design. But I am absolutely in love with the one I mustered up over several hours. One thing I learned: GOOGLE EVERYTHING. I strangely love slaving over html for copious amounts of time.

Happy Easter! How have you been spending your time?

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