6 April 2014

Sunday Stuff #011

This week was a bit of a blur, the same old school day after school day. Life is going so fast at the moment and I can hardly believe it's April already. Boy, am I looking forward to some easter eggs once the school holidays hit. I am pretty burnt out from school - just another two weeks (not even that) and I'll get some well-deserved break time. This week I've been trying to find some time to read, so this is what I've been reading! Who knows if I'll finish. I'll probably report back with another book review sometime.
Anyway, Saturday was one of the most eventful days this week and one of the best in a while! I went opshopping and normal mall shopping with my friend first thing in the morning (I'm saving my well-deserved sleep in for Sunday morning.) That one extra hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings is going to go down well, I can tell you. I didn't actually buy anything from the opshops, instead I got two DVDs for free because they were scratched (I'm yet to find out if they work but I think they probably will). This is probably a huge bore, haha! I ended up spending more than I liked on a dress and slip for a party that I've just come back from, which was the most amazing night. And yes, I can still form sentences.
I got the most gorgeous shoes ever from Mirrou to wear with the dress, it was literally love at first sight or a shining beacon when I walked in the shop and saw them. They're a little old fashioned, but very in. Vintage is coming back and has been for a while, my friends. So yes, cute dress and cute shoes - very successful shopping trip indeed. The outfit above is what I wore out to dinner a few nights ago and I had the most delicious Italian meal. Typing this up past midnight when you're peckish is a bad idea. I've been loving my daisy sweater so much and this outfit is something I can see myself wearing a lot.
I won't bore you any longer but I wanted to attempt to bring something interesting into the blog. I say I'll post more but I can hardly find the time. We'll meet somewhere in the middle for some vaguely interesting posts in the future while I try and survive Year 13 ;)

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