10 April 2014

Oh Flower Child

Wednesday was a half day for school so naturally after walking around after school I popped into an opshop and browsed for about two seconds before I spotted this dress. Originally, it was for the print because I really like simple, monochrome prints. I noticed it was like a maxi dress, but on me it's a bit of a strange length - half way between midi and maxi. But I'm okay with this because I gathered it's something different, and it's out of my comfort zone. I don't own a simple long dress, but they are literally so comfy and you don't need to worry about the dress blowing up past your head on windy days.
This dress actually has shoulder pads, but I am planning to take them out because I'm not really a fan of that look. I was contemplating cutting the dress to a shorter, standard style length, but now I'm probably going to keep it the same for now as I have a ton of normal above the knee dresses. So, tell me what you think - cute or a bit farm girl? That's what my sister said to me, haha! But honestly, I want to take a few risks here and there when it comes to clothes.
Once again I've popped on these shoes as I knew they'd be super cute with this long style dress. I don't know if there's anything these shoes wouldn't suit, so I know I'll be wearing them for a long time until they fall apart. I've got my outfit planned for mufti day tomorrow - which will today when you read this - (wearing your own clothes to school instead of uniform if you didn't know), generally I'm not a fan of mufti days as I can't be bothered making the effort, (I can tell dressing for Uni everyday is going to be a pain) but I'm just going to go for really casual and cute with black skinny jeans, a white and navy striped top and these black sandals. Bring on the weekend! This is my last full week of school before the holidays, and I can tell you, I cannot wait.

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Old
Bag: The Warehouse
Shoes: Mirrou


  1. I love this dress! it's such a greta find and looks lovely on you!



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