17 April 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Shopping in Newmarket means I have to pop into Lush. I have to go in every time I walk past one as it has to be one of my favourite shops ever. I knew this time instead of buying a couple of bath bombs like I usually do, I wanted to cross a couple of things off my wishlist that I've been eyeing up and desperately wanting. The first thing I grabbed hold of was this Marilyn Hair treatment for blondes. It claims: "Marilyn moisturies damaged hair and brings out natural blonde tones with regular use, making hair look more vibrant." Oh boy. I think I may have fallen in love. This stuff is SO perfect for my situation, having had my hair highlighted lighter. This stuff made my hair feel fricking amazing, like the best my hair has ever felt - but more on that later as they'll be a full review up in the near future as I use it a couple more times.

The second thing I picked up was the Tea Tree Toner Water, something I have wanted to try for months. My chin is currently (and has been for the past half year) horrendous with spots, redness and sometimes very sore. It's just one of those problem areas, whether it's hormonal or what, I just don't know. Lush says: "Oily, dull, tired and spotty skin brightens up with a routine spritz of Tea Tree Water." Having used this for the last few days, morning and night I think it really makes a difference to my skin. It brings the redness right down and basically shrinks everything so it's more manageable. I'm still testing it though so I'll reserve my thoughts for another time. The last little thing I picked up was a butterball bath bomb which my friend recommended I should get; I didn't really need to spend any more money, but it was cheap and I always enjoy having a bath with Lush bath bombs.

Have you shopped at Lush? (Where have you been if you haven't?) What are your favourite picks?


  1. ahh I love lush! I always stock up on their bath bombs/bubble bars. everything is just so good, I can spend ages in there just smelling everything!



    1. I know, it literally smells amazing and I can smell it from a mile away outside the store x


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