9 April 2014

Getting Organised

Apparently it's National Stationery Week so to celebrate I thought I'd put together a post about how I stay organised or how I'd (ideally) like to stay organised this year. When I'm not organised, or I don't feel like I'm in control of everything happening, my mood instantly drops. I can't function without a decently clean room or a lot of clutter. That's just the beginning of it. There are some simple ways to make sure you're organised in life so that you don't go stir-crazy or feel like you're drowning in mess!

Your bedroom. I don't know about you, but especially because I still live at home, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. If I don't have a clean environment where I can do homework, relax, read, sleep, etc., I really can't function. I learnt this the hard way in the school summer holidays when I felt absolutely terrible because my room was a constant mess. Trust me, if you're feeling a bit down, clean your room. It sounds strange,  like, do you really think I can be bothered cleaning my room when I feel so tired? but if you have a nice environment around you your mood will go up amazingly. Slipping into a freshly made bed with an organised room is the best feeling. The simple things in life, hey?

Your school life. It doesn't matter if you're in high school or University, feeling in control of your school work will make your life 100% better. Even if you're not in any sort of education any more, there's always going to be things to write down in a simple planner from the likes of Typo so that you've got everything in one place. Due dates, important events, birthdays, appointments - just everything. There was a reason for Jane Ryan in New York Minute going berserk because she'd lost her day planner - you don't need to be a control freak but it just feels so good that you've got your life organised, especially school when it's such a big part of your life, am I right? Blowing your money on stationery at Kikki.K is perfectly adequate.

Be Organised in General. Personally, I like to do things like homework or everyday tasks that need to be done as soon as I get them or remember I need to do them. I find I just feel so much better that I've made the effort to complete that assignment/make my bed/clean my room as soon as possible so with the annoying chores out of the way, I have more time to do what I want. I like coming home and doing homework or things that need doing in the afternoon rather than at night, because it's my relaxing time where I forget about everything related to school and life and just trawl through my favourite blogs and subscription box on YouTube. Trust me, if there's one thing to look forward to it's that time when you've done everything you have to and you can relax. Obviously, there are going to be exceptions to this, of course if you are feeling absolutely burnt out or down, grab that container of ice cream, snuggle down under the covers and watch your favourite T.V show. Everyone needs a break like this at least once a week if not more - it's about being smart and taking initiative.

This has sort of turned at a side note, but I'm out! I hope any of this was useful. I quite like writing these types of posts, let me know what you think.


  1. What a great post! I totally agree about organization in the bedroom, it can make such a big difference in your mood and life in general!
    Nikki | http://floralsundays.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much! Definitely, my bedroom being clean can impact my mood so much x


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