6 April 2014

Blog Makeover and Fresh Start.

Lately I haven't been as happy with the look of my blog and my blog content as I could be. So I decided to switch it up a little. It still stays within the reins of what I call aesthetically pleasing and feeds my need for something simple, albeit a bit plain Jane. I have worked my ass off today photographing for upcoming blog posts, editing, thinking up ideas and testing my html skills. I think fresh starts can be so invigorating so I'm looking forward to creating quality posts which I would enjoy reading. Thank you if you have followed my blog by any chance. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this blog.


  1. I love the new look! I've been feeling a bit the same about my blog, but whenever I try to give it a bit of makeover I end up making it worse.


  2. Thank you! Yeah I know what you mean. x


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