23 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #009

Sorry for the absence on the blog! This week was officially the busiest and most stressful week of the year so far for me. Next week will probably be no different, so don't expect miracles from me on the blog front ;) I am actually getting a laptop pretty soon so I'll probably be posting a bit more gradually. Because I had absolutely no chance to take any decent photos this week, here are a couple of my instagram snaps for the week. You can follow me on instagram here if you like!
If I ever get a spare moment I'll be reading these two books which I'll probably include in a 'What I've been reading post' which I'm planning in the near future. They both seem very interesting. Also, this is what it's like when I wake up (at the crack of dawn it seems) and walk to school. Clearly, you can see my life is very riveting.

Apologies this is so boring, but you know, that's reality!


  1. ah I'm exactly the same; so busy with school. I'm struggling to make interesting blog posts as my life is so boring too right now! that sunrise snap is lovely



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