16 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #008

This week has been stressful! But I know it doesn't even begin to compare to what I'll be feeling by the time the due date for my art boards roll around. This weekend we've been experiencing Cyclone Lusi. We haven't had this much rain at least before Christmas. This weather makes me feel less guilty about not going out to do much. What a perfect time to catch up on assignments, huh?
Here are some of my favourite photos from my instagram this week. I got the new issue of Frankie Magazine - the struggle I'm always facing of getting it about three weeks late. It's finally looking like autumn which I'm excited for! I wore these sandals with a monochrome outfit amidst the leaves today. I have been reading a funny book called Bossypants by Tina Fey, a non-traditional biography of sorts. I haven't finished it but probably will extremely soon as it's such and easy read. I'm thinking of doing a post on my thoughts of this book if you're interested once I'm done (and I might start doing this for my other reads too!) I also redecorated my wall a little bit as I had to make room for my gorgeous Frankie poster - I always enjoy doing this as it makes me feel like my room is somewhat new! If you wish can follow me on instagram here for more daily snaps of my life.
Anyway, yesterday I decided to go and venture out and go opshopping. It wasn't really that successful, mostly because I was so overwhelmed with all the stuff as the one I went to was very big. I had about five things in my arms, but I decided to put them back for various reasons. I picked out two gorgeous (in my opinion) coats but they were too expensive for what I think they were worth (especially for second hand). Besides, I've already ordered a new coat/jacket online so couldn't really justify spending money on something I didn't really need. And at that cue I will move on to talking about the only item I picked up which funnily enough, I didn't really need either. It's a black dress with some detail in the front including some lace inserts that no matter how hard I tried, is really difficult to pick up on camera. I thought it was a cute, basic dress so I went with the 'why not?' mentality. I originally just liked the shape of the dress and I don't have any tight fitting dresses either. I really wanted to find some gorgeous shoes from the opshop, like the boots I had found a few months ago. I really need to discover some other opshops so if you live in Auckland and know of any decent ones, I'm all ears.

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