2 March 2014

Sunday Stuff #006

This week something very big happened for me, I got my braces off. You'll understand how big this is when you've had them on for two and a half years of your life (it feels way longer) - I couldn't even remember what it felt like to have just plain old teeth. I also got my retainer on Friday - it's not the best! But I'll know it'll be worth it in the end.
Apart from that, it's been the usual school, school, school. It just takes over your entire life at this age, doesn't it? This is the outfit I wore yesterday while shopping. Like I've said before, stripes are never far from being on my body. I'm slowly transitioning into autumn fashion so I paired the striped shirt with a long black chunky cardigan and denim shorts. While on that shopping trip I also got a cute new phone case which I'm smitten with. It's from Glassons and normally I wouldn't have bothered paying $10 for something I didn't really need, but how could I resist when my sister offered to pay half in exchange for one of my old cases? Exchanging something old for something new? Sounds good to me.
On Saturday I went out for dinner to celebrate a friend's 17th birthday and wore this little dress (which sort of looks like a jumpsuit!) I had the most delicious dinner at the Japanese restaurant, it really hit the spot. It was just what I needed - a couple of hours of time with friends.


  1. I understand the pain with braces, I've had mine for about 8 months and I just want to get them off now!

    Lucy x


    1. I'd rather have braces right now than a retainer haha!


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