5 March 2014


For what seems like ages I've been searching for a new pencil case for school, even though school basically began a month ago. First, I had ordered this one off asos, but when it arrived they had sent me a black dress... which was in no way what I ordered. I was quite angry because you know, I just wanted a pencil case but they had to make a mistake with my item. With that sent back and refunded, the search began again because I decided I couldn't be bothered with waiting around for a replacement to arrive again even though they gave me a 10% discount (I'll probably use it on something else.) If only I lived in the UK, I'd be able to get it in a day.

I then looked on Kikki.K's website as I am absolutely smitten with their stationery and if it wasn't for the hefty price tags I would have bought out their whole shop by now. I spied this pencil case, a pretty leather look mint colour. On sale too! In search for it at my closest store, I had no luck, so again, I gave up on that. I headed back to my trusty and cheap Typo as my next resort. There it was, a beautiful and simple pencil case with butterflies on that reminded me of this poster which I would practically die for to hang up on my wall. Finally, the search has ended and in the end it hasn't cost me a fortune, only a lot of hassle.

Also pictured: my new phone case from Glassons and the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine.

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