14 March 2014

My favourite magazines

I have an obsession with magazines, they are my favourite thing in the world. I have some favourites and they come in the form of I'd say intentionally different and creative arty magazines which are about double the price tag of the usual gossipy teenage magazines that feature basically the same content every month. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of gossip every now and then and reading trashy magazines is just sometimes needed. But I like reading intelligent, thought-provoking, unique articles that you don't find in your usual gossip magazine. That extra bit of dosh spent on these mags is so worth it, because it both fulfils my aesthetically pleasing want (it looks pretty cute in your bookshelf) and you're reading about creative, interesting, always slightly odd people and projects each time you pick up one of these wonderful magazines. And basically, my dream job is to own or write for one of these types of magazines, so I have to buy them for obvious future inspiration and guidance, right?! Warning: You will not want to rip out the pages of these magazines, but you will be highly tempted to.

Frankie. Hands down this is my favourite magazine on the planet ever. If you haven't picked up a copy, just do it. Especially if you are an arty, creative type you will absolutely love this. I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet buys and instagrams this mag but it's gaining popularity for a reason, it's damn smashing! The covers are always unexpected and just darn cute it makes my heart break. But the content alongside the pretty pictures are always something to look forward to. The pages of this are thick and the whole magazine basically feels like some sort of book to add to your collection every two months. It comes with the best art posters which I almost look forward to plastering on my walls more than the magazine. (Okay, not really, but the point is they are fabulous.) What it's best at doing: Featuring odd and creative people as well as having articles that are relatable and funny from different writers. People who'd enjoy it most: Arty, creative types - even women in their 30s and 40s would enjoy this. Let's face it, it brings out my inner granny.

Peppermint. Why wouldn't you pick this up looking at this amazing cover? Not really knowing much about the magazine, I decided to pick this up one time because it seemed like my kind of thing. The content is slightly more like a traditional magazine - it's not as weird and arty; this magazine's prime content is about sustainability. Now I have to admit I'm not one for it, but there are interesting articles about things like travel, world issues, featuring people like David Attenborough. It's sort of like a girly, edgier, prettier toned down version of National Geographic? Alright, maybe not quite but it certainly has a edge of focusing most things about the environment and nature. It still has things like environmentally friendly fashion in the mix too. What it's best at doing: Featuring articles about the world and the bigger picture, highlighting important issues not just about sustainability. People who'd enjoy it most: Those who are interested in the environment and learning about the world.

Yen. This is another popular one among Frankie. This magazine has glossy pages like a traditional magazine, but are still thick and ooze good quality. I find this mag still has the celebrity interviews (e.g. Lorde) but always features people a little more unique and unknown to throw into the mix. It has great fashion shoots and clothing featured (beware, a little on the expensive side!) but it's just all amazingly pretty to look at. There are feature articles that posses the same unique quality as Frankie. Things in the mag could include art, photography, fashion, entertainment like music, films and books, and random little interesting articles about stuff you suddenly realised you always wanted to know about. So it's a step up from the typical teen magazine but still has elements of it so it's a good first choice if you want something to read that's a bit more original and not just mundane celeb gossip. This one also comes with art posters which are double sided. What it's best at doing: Their fashion and photography is ace in my mind, and the interviews are top notch. People who'd enjoy it most: People who love fashion, art, film and people.


  1. my favourite is yen, I need to get the latest issue! I used to subscribe to frankie too, but I've never read peppermint, event though it looks lovely!


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