31 March 2014

Make-up Haul

As mentioned in my Sunday Stuff post, I went to the ASB show grounds in Auckland to a huge make-up sale with loads of brands and really cheap make-up and beauty stuff. I decided to restrain myself and got everything for around $35 which is great considering everything I got. If I had bought everything full price it would have been much more.
I picked up the Loreal EverPure Moisture Conditioner because I already have the shampoo and conditioner duo and it's really good. Sometimes I feel like my hair needs a little extra something, so I'll probably use this once or twice a week. It was a bargain price at only $6 when I know it's usually quite expensive. When I saw the nail polish tables I screamed internally because I absolutely love nail polish. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the price (and the fact I can't buy nail polish online because it's not able to ship to New Zealand? What's with that?), but these nail polishes were only $5, I had to restrict to buying two so I didn't spend $50 on nail polish. I am in love with these colours - a dark grey and a soft blue from Rimmel. They had Essie nail polishes for $6 (my absolute favourite nail polish) but we could only find a couple on the tables, one of which I already had. The next thing I got was the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01 which is a classic red colour, I have a couple of these and know they are fantastic lipsticks. I picked up this 'colour wheel' from New York Colour for $5 which is a mosaic face powders full of different shades of powder, basically. I've seen things similar to this before and thought it was interesting to add some colour to your face or just your cheeks. I threw in a pot of Vaseline Lip Balm in Aloe Vera for $3.50 and I'm already loving the stuff, it makes your lips really soft and it'll be handy for school. The last thing I got was a $5 Rimmel '1000 Kisses' Lip Tint and Balm. You apply the lip tint and then on the other side is a clear moisturising stick type thing which you put over once it's dry and it gives a shiny and glossy look. I already love it after swatching it on my hand as it is SO pigmented, vivid and long-lasting (not matter how hard you try it does not wash off your hand, haha). I'm so happy with everything I bought and I'll be reviewing most things here in future posts!

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