15 March 2014

Autumn Nails

This is what my autumn nails will be looking like over the course of a good few months (albeit those pesky school rules of no nail polish will definitley ruin this). Tell me, how does nail polish effect your learning? As for school image, no one who sees you walking down the street will ever in their right minds be looking at your nails and frowning at them. Side issue aside (hah), I know it's very traditional and substandard to have darker nails as the months get colder, but I think it suits the mood well. I love autumn and cannot wait until I can wear layers without sweating. Gross, but now moving onto the business of nails.

The first nail polish is Revlon, a plain ol' black which I have fond memories of (spilling it in a huge blob on my bedroom carpet on my sixteenth birthday - a stain that still remains there today albeit slightly less noticeable). I love black nails, as goth as they can look I prefer my nails to be short and square when adorning black digits. It's classic, simple and easy. Second is an O.P.I nail polish called Malanga Wine. I absolutely love this colour and in my mind it's the perfect shade to embrace the leaves falling off the trees. The formula of O.P.I nail polishes are second to none - thick, glossy and long-lasting. The last nail polish I'll indeed be sporting is another Revlon one in Plum, a dark purple colour I wish I had the guts to wear on my lips. So nails it will go on instead. Depending on how light or dark you want this shade to be you can apply one to three coats; one for a pretty purple colour or three for a very dark purple which I adore.

What are you wearing on your nails this autumn? Or if you don't live in the southern hemisphere, what are your spring faves?


  1. I love all these colours, vampy dark tones are my favourite, it's just annoying that they are SO obvious when they start to chip


    1. Yeah true! I love vampy dark tones as well, can't wait to start wearing for autumn x


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