22 February 2014

The Fox Dress

With my sheer love for smock dresses, when I saw this cute little smock dress on asos, I knew I had to buy it since it had a major price reduction. I'm really smitten with it because it has a relaxed  fit, is comfortable and the quality of the fabric is good as it's quite heavy and perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn. I personally love the potato sack look it gives, I'm always one for comfort over style, but this dress is pretty cute anyway, right?

If you were going to buy this dress, I would recommend getting it in at least two sizes down, maybe even three. This is a size 10, and if I could I'd exchange it for an 8 because it is too big around the waist though you can't really see (even though that's the style) it could be taken in. I'm not returning it because shipping is so expensive back to England, but I will learn for next time!


  1. Anonymous11:00 am

    Such a cute dress! I love your room too :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars


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