23 February 2014

Sunday Stuff #005

This week I received an extremely late Christmas present since it's been in extremely high demand ever since it came out really. It's Alexa Chung's 'It'. I have yet to read it but I've flicked through it and it's just looks so cool. Alexa Chung has got to have my favourite style along with every other person on the planet at the moment. I love books like these, it's really a coffee table book or something you'd reach for for ten minutes and flick through on your bed. So I'm looking forward to getting to that when I get the chance!
Just some instagram snaps from the week. You can follow me @ohemmalouise. I haven't had much of a chance to take many photos this week. School has been hectic. I guess I jinxed it when I said I didn't get much homework. Well, Emma, welcome to Year 13.

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