16 February 2014

Sunday Stuff #004

First of all, Happy Valentine's for two days ago. As usual, I did nothing (or went to school if that counts). I am really not bothered by Valentines at all, and I think if you have someone you love you shouldn't dictate a particular day for it, you should be showing your love for each other everyday. And that means for everyone you love, your family and friends as well as your special someone. So another Valentine's Day has passed and I'm not bothered. Something a little strange did happen on Thursday. I received a rose like the many others at my school from a seemingly secret admirer slash nice person who was thinking of me, but I really am stumped to who sent it. I wonder if I will go my whole life wondering? Haha.
Here are some of my favourite instagram snaps this week. If you would like to you can follow me: @ohemmalouise. Let it Snow featuring the author John Green will be my next read, I only wish it was snowing so I could get into the mood. I can never stray away from stripes as you might know, so I have a little blog post on how to wear stripes coming up next week. Besides having delicious breakfasts and lounging around with my cats, this weekend has been relaxing with the summer sound of the cicadas chirping in the back yard until nine at night.

Apart from that little interesting rose, I have been getting back into my last year of school quite quickly. I would be lying if I said it was stressful or I'm swamped with homework, but I know the time will be coming around soon enough. I always seem to get the teachers who rarely give out homework for some reason? Maybe it's too soon to tell.

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