2 February 2014

Sunday Stuff #002

In the middle of last week I was off and out on the road travelling to one of my favourite spots in New Zealand, a little place called Pauanui. It's like my second home, and even now I can't wait until I get to go there again. Summer hasn't really felt like 'summer' for me until now, really. Maybe because I don't live a short walk away from a beach or the main city or anything, so I'm limited in what I can do. Most days if I want to do something, it's go to the mall. But this was a welcomed scenery change for the week with friends and family and nothing but sun, sand, and food.
I have been rereading the Hunger Games trilogy while away, and I've managed to just finish the first two books. They're such great books, and probably my favourite set of books since I never really jumped on the bandwagon of the likes of Harry Potter or anything else. They're completely easy books to read and you'll just fly through them. I can't wait until I can get Catching Fire out on DVD or even buy it because I have been itching to watch it again after my first viewing at the cinemas.
Back at home enjoying delicious breakfasts in bed again and rearranging my wall decor in my bedroom. Taking polaroids on the beach at sunset. Going out on the boat in ridiculously blue water -- one of my happiest memories of summer so far. Our new holiday cat named Pepper that came to visit us everyday. On the beach rereading The Hunger Games as usual. I woke up one morning at six to go watch the sunrise. On our first day there, feeling good to be back at my second home.

Apart from coming back from holiday, there hasn't been much happening -- I'm only gearing up for school which actually begins much too early for me tomorrow morning. So that's it with the school holidays then, how fast they have gone it's almost ridiculous. It's my last year of high school, I can't believe it!


  1. these photos are so lovely! I love love love the hunger games series, they are such easy reads but also soooo good! possibly my favourite series apart from harry potter!



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