4 February 2014

February Playlist

I thought I'd scramble together a bit of a playlist for the month of February. This is the music I've liked listening to mostly on holiday, mainly to cure my boredom during the few hours of time spent in the car getting to holiday destinations. That's my time to compile a load of songs in a phone playlist and sit back and relax. I have found myself going back to old favourites that I never tire listening to, and incorporating a few new songs in there too.

Mostly it's the usual suspects such as Haim, a bit of The Jungle Giants, Arctic Monkeys, and a sneaky bit of One Direction in the form of the acoustic version of Happily. To me a lot of these songs are the epitome of summer and I'll certainly be listening to them for the last month of warm sunshine! Also; the band Talking Heads has pretty much rubbed off on me because it's one of my Dad's favourite bands, and while we've been away the music we've been listening to is from his phone. I love to think of what it must have been like at the time of my parents youth and all the type of music they would listen to. It really was the prime time of amazing music.

I'm making a subconscious challenge to discover different music during this month and also to listen to songs I've missed out from bands and artists I already enjoy.

February Playlist by Emma on Grooveshark


  1. love these songs, your taste in music is fab. the jungle giants are rad, and so great live!


    1. Thanks! Love the Jungle Giants and would looove to see them live!


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