20 February 2014

A Wishlist

I am honestly at the stage where I want summer to be over and I want winter to come. Chances are, I'll be wishing for sun in the middle of winter once it comes around, but right now I am yearning to be able to wear knit jumpers, jeans, coats, cozy cardigans, hoodies and boots. I find dressing in the summer quite difficult because you're restricted to something that you won't feel a billion degrees in. There is so much more room for experimenting with fashion in my mind. So here are some things I am lusting over at the moment and only wish I had the moolah to go through with these purchases.

Since spying these boots a couple of days ago on the Dotti website, I would really, really like them or a similar pair. They're just so expensive though. I know I'd wear them a lot, but since I'm meant to be saving up a big price tag really isn't ideal. I am obsessed with smock dresses, having one arrived in the mail a few days ago in the form of little foxes, I really like this subtly elephant printed one. I am really in love with this sweater as well and it's something a bit different for me with the neon spots and everything. I would also really like a super fluffy and comfy sweater which is basic like this one from Glassons as I think it can go with so many things. My last fashion item I would really like is this navy striped dress because *duh* it's stripes. Also just a little beauty purchase from Lush in the form of some tea tree water which I've been wanting for literally months. I think a trip is in order soon. *tries to forget about dwindling bank account balance*

Items: (L-R) Dotti Boots, ASOS Smock Dress, Monki Jumper, Glassons Sweater, Sportsgirl Dress.


  1. I adore the striped dress and boots, I think some chelsea boots are a must for spring/summer basically all year! Great post

    Lucy x


  2. LOVE those boots! I need some for winter I think .. x



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