26 January 2014

Sunday Stuff #001

Beginning from this Sunday I am starting a little blog segment featuring a bit more of my personal life as I personally love seeing lifestyle posts like these on blogs. It could include any of the following: my favourite instagram posts, life updates, things I've been up to, fashion or beauty favourites I've been enjoying, books/films/music I've been loving, basically the list is endless. This little project will also get me snapping more lifestyle photographs on my DSLR instead of JUST instagram. (If you would like to follow me on instagram you can: @ohemma_lou). I've actually only had three days at home this week so some of the content may be from a week or so ago so I actually have something to write about! This post is scheduled and right now I'll probably be soaking up the sun on a beach (let's hope the weather is nice today). So, without further ado; this weeks Sunday Stuff post.
Recently I watched the film Now Is Good. I think it may be one of my favourite films now. One of my subconcious resolutions is to watch more films this year, and I am off to a good start in the first month. If you haven't watched this before, I really suggest you do. I don't think I've ever had such an emotional reaction to a movie ever, whether it was the film or it was just because it caught me at a sensitive time, I don't know. (Hah!)
I purchased this lovely dress from Dotti through the week so here's a sneak peak of it until I get a haul post up of a few things I bought recently. I am smitten with it and can't wait for outfit opportunities throughout the year as it's a very versatile piece seasonally.

I have been attempting to eat healthier recently, but at most healthier and fulfilling breakfasts. My go to has been a delicious smoothie feat. any of the following: frozen bananas, berries, peaches and mangoes. I find that it really fills me up as well! Or like here in the picture some cereal and sliced banana to eat in bed as the summer days pass me by.

This week (okay, last Sunday) I went to go explore Devonport a little - I will always love that place for it's little cafes and the feel like you're on an island. It's been rainy this week but a little bit of sunshine before the storm was nice!

And true to my subconscious resolution, I have been watching films in the last few weeks. Some picks have been The Bling Ring (end result: not very good), The Heat (pretty funny), Notting Hill (I love Hugh Grant), and various others.

So, that's it from me. I'll be back next week with another lifestyle post, hopefully a little more full than the first one because I'm all about bad timing!


  1. ah I bawled in now is good! and I don't even cry in that much! I'm a total movie and tv show buff, I swear it's all I do. I like the bling ring, like it wasn't good, but idk I enjoyed it?


    1. God it is a cruel movie. The bling ring just bored me... haha it was like a documentary but not even a good one.


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