20 January 2014

Photography Blog


I've decided to make a little photograpy blog showcasing some of my best photography throughout this year, so if you'd like to follow me on my adventures you can here: emmagordonphotography.tumblr.com.

I'm planning on taking a heap more photographs this year, and finding different models as well so I can experiment as much as possible. I'll also be posting some of my school photography as I'm doing NCEA L3 photography this year. I've already included some of my images from last year's course on there too.

I'm so excited for this, and shooting will give me something to do because holiday boredom is hitting fast! (p.s. I'm going away from 23-28 of January so I won't be posting during this time. I'll be bringing a lot of photos back with me though. xx


  1. Lovely photography! Good luck for NCEA L3, I found doing my photography board very difficult (though that could be because I was doing painting and design at the same time haha).

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Thanks Caitlin :) Thank you, last year I did design and photography and it was stressful but I got there! I know this year will be a big step up, hopefully I can pull through! xx


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