29 January 2014

A Summer Mint

Summer introduces this perfect albeit old school Essie colour in the form of mint candy apple -- a delight to see on anyone's nails this season. I don't know about you but my favourite nail polish colours involve the words dark and moody in the form of a few burgundy or deep wine colours. But you've got to embrace the summer shades that are bought forth with a few pastel concoctions. After picking up this (expensive!) Essie polish from the local Farmers stand, I've been smitten with both the colour and the formula.

The colour is a sweet but cool hybrid of mint pastel and baby blue, looking a little different whatever light you're in. A thin liquid, it's easy to coat over your nails in a couple of swipes, and bears full coverage once two or three coats are applied. It's the best formula I've used from a nail polish brand, and with my first Essie purchase they'll probably come a lot more with the sacrifice of my bank account. Please, could someone make these polishes two dollars each so I can buy at least fifty?


  1. such a pretty colour! i actually shared a photo of my nails i painted in the avon impulsive sky shade and a friend commented saying its a similar colour to this! so if you're able to buy avon products might be a nice alternative?
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Sounds good! I may check it out, thanks for commenting x


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