2 December 2013

Two new everyday lipsticks

These lipsticks sit comfortably into the category of neutral, every day lipsticks. So they are in stark contrast to Kate Moss' Kiss of Life I had written about earlier. I went ahead and bought these both on asos seeming red lipstick isn't really everyday attire. I love red lipstick, but sometimes a girl's just got to tone it down and reach for something that's quick and easy to glide over your lips.

First up is from the Bourjois range, and since I'm a fan of their brand I decided to get one lipstick to try. Peche Cosy was the shade I got after recommendation from Kate. The lipstick's formula itself is quite nice, and is really easy to glide over your lips and get a good finish. I'm not sure the peachy colour suits my skin the best, but I still really like it. It burdens on orange a little bit, but it's something different.

The second is a lipstick from Kate Moss' matte range, this time in 101 which is a pale powder pink that I think suits my skin tone really well. It's a classic pink that could even pass for a tinted lip balm, as it doesn't pack quite the punch of pigmentation like Kiss of Life, but this is literally going to be my go to lip colour for everyday wear since it goes well with anything and looks natural.


  1. I just bought 101! I'm glad you made this post, because now I can see it in real life - the swatches they show make me wary about what it's actually like. I love it! :) Also the other lipstick is gorgeous x


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